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Current version: May 16, 2023.



By using the services or purchasing Hoxul products, you accept the terms and conditions described herein. Please read carefully.





Hoxul is a company that combines technology with the real estate and services industry, offering its clients and users experiences through the acquisition of usability NFTs that allow them to take advantage of the benefits of the services it offers. Hoxul is a Mexican tourist resort considered the first Crypto Friendly real estate development in the Riviera Maya, and its concept is based on the union of technology from the crypto world with the magic of local culture and nature. By acquiring an NFT from the Balam by HOXUL collection, which works as a membership, the User becomes a member of Hoxul and will be able to enjoy the benefits according to the type of membership.


These terms and conditions of use establish the relationship between Hoxul and the person who acquires or uses Hoxul's services and products, who will be referred to indistinctly as the User.





People of legal age who have the capacity to contract may be Hoxul Users.





Hoxul makes responsible use of the User's personal data. Please read our Notice of Privacy Practices at, which establishes the way in which Hoxul uses and protects the User's personal data.



Communication by Electronic Means.


The User accepts the use of electronic means for communication with Hoxul. The User agrees to receive communications by electronic means from Hoxul in its different forms, whether by email, text messages, automatic notifications or through notices and messages placed on this website or through other Hoxul services.


The User accepts that the contracts, messages, notices, and other notifications and communications that Hoxul sends by electronic means comply with the applicable legal requirements and have full legal effects and validity.



Registration and Account.


People who wish to be Hoxul Users must do so by completing the registration form with the data required for this purpose, with the understanding that they must do so accurately, truthfully and precisely, and must keep their data updated at all times. The User will be solely responsible for the accuracy of their registration data. However, Hoxul may request additional information to corroborate the identity of the User.


The User's account is personal, unique and non-transferable, however, the User may dispose of the Hoxul products or services that he has acquired for himself, either by selling them or assigning them to another person, with the understanding that the User will always be responsible for the use given by said third parties.


To access the User account, a security key or password chosen by the User must be available and must be kept strictly confidential.


In any case, the User will be solely responsible for the operations carried out in his account. In case of detecting an unauthorized use of your account, User must notify Hoxul immediately and reliably.


Hoxul may reject a User registration request or cancel an already accepted User registration without this generating the right to compensation. People who have previously been banned Users will not be able to register.





Hoxul publishes the current prices of its products and services in the corresponding section on the Hoxul website.


Hoxul may, at any time, modify the prices of its products or services by publishing the updated prices in the corresponding section on its website.


The User must consult the current prices to be aware of them.


In all cases, the invoice will be issued in accordance with the tax data that people have uploaded to their account.



Intellectual property.


Hoxul and/or its related parties own the intellectual property rights of the content hosted or made available on its website and other media, digital or printed.


All content, products, services, brands, trade names, logos, designs, images, commercial notices, distinctive signs, copyrights, domains, software, codes, developments, databases, technology, patents and utility models, designs and industrial models, trade secrets, information, among others (hereinafter “Intellectual Property”) are the property of Hoxul and are protected by national and international laws.


The User may only use the Intellectual Property in accordance with the terms and conditions and other documents applicable to Hoxul's products and services; In no way does the acquisition of Hoxul's products or use of services grant the User the right to use the Intellectual Property for their benefit. The acquisition of Hoxul's products or use of services does not grant authorization to use the property of its related parties or third parties involved.


It is prohibited to use Hoxul's products and services for illicit or illegal purposes, use search tools or extract data and content from our platform for reuse and/or create your own databases that include all or part of the content of Hoxul without Hoxul's prior express written permission.


Improper use is prohibited, without authorization and/or contrary to current regulations and/or that generates confusion or implies derogatory use and/or that causes harm, damage or loss to Hoxul and/or its related parties.


In the event that a User infringes the Intellectual Property of Hoxul or its related parties, Hoxul may exercise the corresponding extrajudicial and judicial actions in accordance with the applicable law.





Hoxul will be responsible for any defect in the sale of its products or in the provision of its services, as long as it is reliably attributable to it and will respond, where appropriate, up to the amount of the User's product or service purchase transaction in accordance with current laws.





The User will hold Hoxul and its shareholders and related parties, as well as its directors, administrators, representatives and/or workers, harmless for any administrative or judicial claim filed by other Users, third parties or by any body, related to their activities with respect to the purchase or use of Hoxul products and services.



Modification and Independence of Provisions.


Hoxul reserves the right to make changes to its website, terms and conditions, white paper, policies, and other provisions of Hoxul, with the understanding that it is the User's responsibility to familiarize himself with said documents and to be informed regarding the changes that Hoxul publishes and sends him through electronic means for such purposes.


In the event that any of these conditions is considered invalid, void, or unenforceable for any reason, said condition will be considered independent of the others and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any of the remaining conditions.



Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.


These terms and conditions are governed by the laws applicable in Mexico. For everything related to the interpretation, compliance, and execution, where appropriate, of these Terms and Conditions, the User and Hoxul expressly submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the laws and courts of the city of León, Guanajuato, México renouncing expressly to any other jurisdiction that by reason of their current or future domicile or for any other cause may correspond to them.


For all purposes related to these Terms and Conditions and the use of the site, Hoxul Crypto Real Estate, SAPI de CV with RFC HCR230310IM5, establishes the address located at Blvd. Mariano Escobedo 4502, interior 30, San Isidro, 37530, Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.


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